Rare condition military antique wrist watch issued LONGINES - "Majetek"

Iconic, rare aviator 1st model. It has 1 case reference (3582), manufactured from ca 1933 to 1948. Named "Tartarugone" (Italian for large turtle) because of the shape of the case. The versions with military engravings on the back for pilots of the Czech airforce were called "Majetek". This one is from the last series, from 1936 made with calibre 15.94. This series had 11 sub-references/production badges (11 different reference numbers on inside of caseback). This one has (sub-)reference 23647. Of the 11 sub-references there were 7 Tartarugone badges and the remaining 4 were Majetek. Total production of third series ca 3500 pieces.

Watch case, dial and the nice, sizeable movement are in-house Longines. The watch is 100% original in all its parts; the sizeable crown is the original one from 1936 as well. The match hands, numbers and dial are beautiful. The dial was never restored and has a beautiful, light patina. The ribbed bezel with pointer can rotate in both directions. Movement is encased in a double case. Dark brown handmade leather strap in the 1930s/40s style. With this rare aviator model, you are buying a unique piece of Longines history.

Diameter - 40 mm without the crown
Issued - 1936
NO redial (Radium Dial)

Function - In fully working order

Availability: Out of stock
  • 125 750 CZK

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