Original Japanese Wakizashi 脇差 16th/17th century Muromachi period

Original Antique Japanese Wakizashi, all-covered in the green stingray skin from a Muromachi period. The sword is decorated with a Maki-e in gold. The authenticity of this wakizashi declare three NBHTK documents.

The wakizashi (Japanese: 脇差, "side inserted sword") is one of the traditionally made Japanese swords (nihontō) worn by the samurai in feudal Japan. Its name refers to the practice of wearing it inserted through one's obi or sash at one's side, whereas the larger tachi sword was worn slung from a cord.

Maki-e is a Japanese lacquer decoration technique in which pictures, patterns, and letters are drawn with lacquer on the surface of lacquerware, and then metal powder such as gold or silver is sprinkled and fixed on the surface of the lacquerware.

The Muromachi period or Muromachi era, also known as the Ashikaga period or Ashikaga era.

Extremely Rare - RRR!

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